Picking up Anna and the First Day at Home

Yesterday was the big day. We drove down to Wilhermsdorf near Nürnberg to pick up our Anna. Upon arrival the breeder opened the door to the shed and eleven curious puppies all tried to climb up my hand. He picked out the girl with the purple color: “Here she is” he said and placed her in my arms. Oh my god, she is so cute!
We sat down in the living room with little Anna and her mother Nora running around in the room. Mr. Eberlein got out the contract, Anna’s pedigree and her vaccination card. We were also given a puppy starter set.

Eventually everyone said good bye to Anna before we started the long drive back home. I could see the realization in Anna’s face when we left the drive way and soon the trees were moving past the car window so very fast. She started to whinge and shake a little. Only about 5min later we stopped to let her go for a little walk and to calm down. Back in the car she whinged and cried again but soon fell asleep from exhaustion.
During the 5 hour drive, we stopped 3 times: Basically every time she became unsettled. This worked quite well, as she went to the toilet each time and was able to fall asleep in the car soon again.

Anna Golden Retriever Welpe

At home I first took her around the garden. She was very playful, picking up leaves and chasing me around in the garden. She already bonded well enough with me in the car that she would follow me wherever I went.
In the house I wanted her to settle in the kennel straight away but everything was still way too new. Eventually we let her walk freely in the house and she was very well behaved.
For dinner the littles misses got some cooked deer and carrot pieces which she gulped down within seconds.
At night I sat down next to her, until she fell asleep in her kennel. Then I snuck off to the sofa and slept in the living room with her.

Anna slept through until 3:30am, the only time I had to get up, to take her out. Unfortunately it was raining outside but she was kindly doing her business within seconds. Again she slept until 7am, before I had to take her out again.

For breakfast Anna enjoyed some quark with oats.

We spent the day discovering house and garden, listening to all sorts of sounds (dishes, dishwasher, coffee machine, oven, toilet flush, birds, wind, trees, dog barks, children playing, motor bikes and cars), getting to know five more people and even a two year old Labrador. We even went for a little walk to the nearby lake and Anna got to know that interesting new element: water!

Anna Golden Retriever Welpe

Back at home she even got to know a water hose by running right into it.

Learning progress: We did a few “Sit” and “Come” commands today and try to get her used to her name. She sometimes reacts to “Anna” now. The kennel training is still going slow, as she turns into a cry-baby as soon as she is left alone in it. Letting her cry and ignoring her only works if she is already very tired anyway. If I simply want her to rest for a little, it helps to stay near the kennel and let her fall asleep with my finger touching her paws, before sneaking off.

Anna is an angel.

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