Anna going Metropolitan

Yesterday Anna was allowed to come with me to the dentist. It was her first car ride since we picked her up and she was a little scared of the big thing on four wheels but soon settled once we left. Upon arrival she met “Frida”, a yellow labrador, and 4 women who work at the dentist and dropped all their work for a few minutes just to give Anna some attention and cuddles.

At the office I learnt her to “stay on the blanket” and considering that she has never heard of that before and hasn’t really learnt any commands too well yet, she picked it up surprisingly well. I basically didn’t say anything but “go on your blanket” in a nice tone and repeated bringing her back until she gave up. After 5min she stayed on the blanket and fell asleep. During a break I took her out and we watched the traffic for about 10min. Trams, cars, trucks, buses, bicycles and people went past, while Anna was nervously watching them. All the excitement made her so tired that she fell asleep within seconds when I took her back to the office.

Golden Retriever puppy sleeping in the office

Back at home, I also kept learning her to stay on her blanket and settle there.

This morning Anna did three retrieves for me! Yayyy! I threw a ball and she delivered it back to my hand three times.
We went to Berlin for the day and decided to take Anna with us. Right in the city centre I carried her along a busy road and when we turned left into a less busy street, I let her walk by herself. Along the Spree river we sat down and watched the boats go by. In the distance the trains rushed by and there were noises from construction zones everywhere. Sitting and watching things helps her settle quite quickly. When we walked under a bridge with groups of people, she was hesitant and a little anxious but I made her sit and watch them. Eventually we walked through the crowd and survived it – success!

Schiffbauerdamm Berlin

Back at the car, Anna fell asleep within seconds. She loves being in the car now. We got her a “seat-belt” for dogs which is a harness that can be clicked in the seat-belt fastener.

Dog Harness Seat Belt Hunde-Sitzgurt
Our last stop for today was an outdoor shopping village near Berlin. Here we met a lot of other people, children and two grown up Golden Retrievers. Anna showed some playful behaviour with the second Golden, which is new, as she used to just ignore other dogs until today. She also started to be a bit more mouthy today, biting in my hand and different objects with slight pressure. So far an “ouch” helped to make her let go.

Golden Retriever puppy Welpe

Learning progress:
– Less fear around cars and people
– staying on her blanket works quite well now
– after reducing space in the indoor-kennel and adding a clock wrapped in my sock, she is making slight progress of not going nuts as much when put in the kennel. I still need to stay nearby though.
– She reacts well now to “Anna” and “come”

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