Progress: Dealing with Separation Anxiety a little different

As mentioned in the the last post, there have been a few problems with Anna. Step by step we are making progress.
The mites that caused red spots and itchiness fortunately disappeared completely.
The vaginitis is still being treated with the calendula solution but we don’t expect any change for at least a week.
The peeing in the house has stopped for four days, due to me restricting her from moving freely in the house for now.

Golden Retriever Puppy Welpe Anna

Sleeping in the kennel… Well!!! Here we are making baby steps. Anna seems to be a little different, maybe a little more sensitive, than other dogs. Instead of ignoring her completely, it helped to calm her down by being near her crate or talking to her nicely when she cried. This is against most training advice but for us it works this way. Also the TV helps to calm her down a lot. Now, a week later, the severe tantrums have stopped, so that I can leave the room when she is in the kennel. She will still scream for a while and depending on severity I either ignore it or, when she pushes herself up too much, go back in the room and calm her down a little. Eventually she settles and accepts the situation. The more I keep her busy with walks, playing and training (ideally for 3 hours at a time) the easier she accepts being in the kennel. After a 3-4 hour activity she will actually accept being in the kennel and fall asleep without any crying at all.
At night she won’t sleep through and cry every few hours. Last night for example I had her outside at around 23:00 and at 02:00 she woke me up the first time. I took her outside, but all she did was lay down on the grass. At 04:15 she woke me up again, this time she did go to toilet and at 05:00 she woke me up again but I refused and ignored her whining. She fell back asleep after about 8min of crying. Finally at 6:30 she cried again and I took her out to toilet and gave her breakfast. Then we went for a walk around the neighborhood and back at home in the kennel, she cried for about 10-15min before she finally gave up and fell back asleep.
Interestingly we tried to leave her by herself in the car today and she had no problem with being left alone at all. After she saw us disappear in the shops, she dropped back down to the floor and fell asleep. No drama.
For tonight I’m trying something new: I moved her kennel outside on the terrace as I think that maybe it’s too warm for her to sleep inside the house.

Apart from the little dramas we are enjoying our time thoroughly and discover new things every day. The garden is an exciting place with birds to chase, grass and plants to eat, sand to dig in or the many autumn leaves being blown around by the wind.

Golden Retriever Welpe Puppy Anna Playing

On walks Anna is an eager runner with her 9 weeks of age. When we race, she is able to keep up with me already and we go and check out the lake every now and then to play in the water with feet and paws. She won’t go in all the way yet.
My little girl has gained a kilo within a week and is clearly getting heavier and taller each day.

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