Autumn Days

I tried something else. I moved the kennel to Anna’s favourite spot in the living room. Now this doesn’t look very pretty BUT she has stopped crying altogether. She seems to feel very comfortable and ideally I also have the TV running for her and she falls asleep within minutes. The kennel won’t stay here forever but for now it works and that’s a real success.
Anna has also grown a lot. She gains an average of 100g per day and I can tell the difference when I pick her up to take her outside. Her original purple collar is too small and the harness we bought, is now also getting too small.

Anna Collage Kennel asleep

Today we went for a big 1.5 hour walk on the 10m leash past and over millions of colourful leaves. Anna LOVES leaves! And she loves to get really muddy, so she had to get a bath twice today. Anna also LOVES bath time – NOT. But she is getting more patient with it. She follows very well and listens to “come” or the whistle and “sit” like she has never done anything else.
Oh and did I mention? When we race, she is now FASTER than me!!!

Anna Collage Herbst Autumn Fall Golden Retriever Puppy

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