The wolf in my dog

The last couple of days I discovered more and more wolf traits in Anna.
A lot of dog owners wouldn’t appreciate wolf character traits in their dogs, but I do.

wolf and golden retriever

The howling, the growling, eating habits, playing habits…

Let me start with this situation: Anna was chewing her bone and while I tried her new harness on, I could see her flews moving up but there was no growl. Curiously I moved my hand closer to her bone, a short little growl followed, and before I knew it, she bit me in the finger. I guess I was pretty surprised at that, as Nina (my former Golden Retriever) had never done this but it’s only natural behavior.
So I started taming my little wolf by taking her bone away and giving it back to her, and taking it away again and giving it back. She didn’t try to bite or growl again. We practice this every day now.

On our walks, Anna found out that she loves horse manure. She loves to use her sharp teeth when playing, she is very communicative.
Today I thought I’d do her the favor and buy some green tripe (rumen).
Pansen, Tripe, Blättermagen, rumen
Green tripe is supposed to…
“(…) provide completely natural digestive enzymes to the dog but also vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids. All dogs need omega 3’s and omega 6’s in their diet – especially to maintain healthy skin and coat.  The vitamins and amino acids are in large part what gives your dog energy and spunk – green tripe has those to spare.  Green tripe is an excellent source of probiotics due to the large numbers of helpful microorganisms contained within the digestive tract.  Naturally occurring organisms are always preferable to man-made mixtures and nothing can be more natural than having them go straight from the source to the dog.”

But ooh myy gooood, the smell! I was told to give her as much as she likes because if she overeats, she will vomit it out anyway and then eat it up again slowly. Wolves do that too. Sounds delicious, huh?
So I offered her 500g of green tribe… And as if it was chocolate, Anna swallowed it ALL down in one go. And of course she didn’t vomit it out and this really got me to worry. Now she is just lying there curled up in a big ball with about 700g of food inside of her. I hope she won’t explode.
One thing is for sure, I will ration the amounts of tripe from now on!
Interestingly I believe, I smell like tripe now! I can’t get that smell out of my nose.

Just an update on the kennel training as well: Since I placed the kennel in the middle of the living room, Anna is calm and quiet. She basically sleeps through the night without complaining and enjoys being near me in the evenings.

And here a few photos of the last days:

Autumn Fall Germany    Herbst Fall Autumn

Anna, Forest, Germany, Autumn, Fall, Sun rays, Photography

        Anna and I autumn fall

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  1. I think it is good to see the wolf in the dog, too. If we understand how a wolf acts, we can better understand why they do what they do.


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