When Leaves go from green to Amber Orange

The forest floor has been covered in leaves for a few weeks now and Anna is enjoying to run through the piles of leaves on our walks. She also loves me to throw sticks for her, so she can retrieve them back for me. Great work little girl!

On our way back home, I found a fly agaric (German: Fliegenpilz) which took me right back to my childhood memories of fairy tales in the forests!

But be careful, fly agaric are poisonous for your dog too. Deer and wild boar on the other hand have enzymes to transform poisonous substances into non-poisonous molecules.
Anna also discovered her very first frog which tried to escape her little lion paws. She clumsily but carefully tried to touch him and push him with her nose. As soon as he jumped away, she did a prey-jump after him. I laughed tears, it was so cute. Eventually we parted ways with Anna and the frog both 😉 still alive.

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  1. She looks so proud when she retrieves.


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