Exciting Backyard

Watching Anna frolicking in the backyard is pure joy. Sometimes I try and be invisible to her and it amazes me to see what objects she finds interest in. I also reward Anna when she shows good behaviour in critical situations – for example if there is a cyclist riding past with the dog and she stays quiet.
In the pictures below she wears the handmade collars by 10000dogs.com. It’s a German website with beautifully made collars and leashes but I know there are similar sites for America and Britain. You might also be able to see her butterfly dog tag, which is beautifully engraved with her name, our address and phone number in case we ever loose her. 

Below you can see Anna chewing the trimmed bushes and even logs. Most interesting is her love for spider webs! I’m not joking when I say, Anna cleaned every corner – inside and outside- of our house! Especially the cellar windows (see in picture below) are treasure-laden delicacies! Spider webs actually contain long chained proteins and are probably quite the healthy treat!

And then there is the broom! The ENEMY! It moves! Fast! Abrupt! The Sound! This beast needs to be fought off!
If you really want a well behaved dog, I recommend you keep your puppy away from the broom with a single intense “No!” and reward him/her as soon as s/he behaves well. Don’t do what I did. I like her cheekiness and actually encouraged her to have a proper fight with the beast! It cracked me up!

But just to come back to loosing your dog: As someone who dearly loves their pet, it’s advisable you get your companion microchipped and registered. Anna got microchipped the day before we picked her up from the breeder. Lately she has been roaming freely in the garden without supervision and of course I’m worried, she might find a way to get out. I finally registered her with an organisation called Tasso e.V. Obviously they are a German organisation. All you do, is, you provide your dog’s microchip number and your address, email and phone number and all the information will be saved in their database.
If you don’t bother to register your contact information with an organization, the microchip implant in your pet is useless.
When a shelter finds your pet, they use scanners to read the number and contact an agency that manages the database. The agency then contacts you with the good news that your lost pet has been found. It’s important you keep your contact information up-to-date in the database.

In America there are agencies such as AKCCAR who keep databases of pet information for pets that have microchips (as well as tattoos and collar tags). Not all microchip companies use the same database, however. American Veterinary Identification Devices (AVID) uses PETtrac. HomeAgain used to use AKCCAR, but they split in 2005, and HomeAgain now operates its own database system. If you are in America and would like more information, please check out how pet microchipping works.

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