Anna’s first Manicure

I noticed Anna’s sharp puppy nails were getting longer and longer but I was hesitant about trimming them. I have to admit, I hardly have any experience with dog nail trimming and I was afraid, Anna might be like this:

Lately all of us were complaining about scratches on our hands though and I knew it had to be done sooner or later. So I went to the animal shop and bought a nail trimmer.

Back at home I waited until she got very tired and wouldn’t bother much. When she was almost about to fall asleep, I tried and cut off small bits of the nails very slowly and carefully. All Anna complained about was, that she was awoken out of her sleep.
With Anna I can partly see where there is just nail and where the quick starts (the fleshy part), so I cut the nails back bit by bit, while Anna was dreaming about her favourite food.

(Anna still asleep after her manicure)           (Photo of an adult retriever nail)


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