Puppy Play School

Since Anna is 10 weeks old, I have been taking her to pupply play school.
I was looking for a decent dog training school with a good qualified trainer and found the H.E.R.A. Hundeschule in Samswegen here in Germany. Heike is very knowledgable and helpful when it comes to canine behaviour.

We don’t just let the pups run wild but work on the bond between owner and dog. There’s an indoort obstacle course and an outdoor play area. While we work on basic commands (and of course Anna is doing great) we also let them go wild sometimes.
Very wild!

Anna’s a crazy little wolf. She loves to play so much, she gets damanding! She will jump onto Kuno, a chocolate labrador who’s about 1 month older than her, chase him, nip him, annoy him, until finally she gets to play with him.
They are very rough with each other and from time to time, we need to stop them and calm then down. One time Kuno actually mistook Anna’s ear for a tug toy. She screamed but we took them apart and nothing happened.

Because Anna is so very rough, I have been a little afraid about letting her play with adult dogs. I knew they would teach her a lesson sooner or later and I was just hoping it wouldn’t be a bad experience for her.
We met a couple of very tall dogs in the park before and she is actually afraid of the big ones. But what would happen with adult dogs her size?
My friend has two French Bulldogs and I joined her at the “Bully-Hang-Out” this weekend. From what I remember there were about 8 Frenchies and my little golden Anna stood out clearly. After walking a few meters on leash and a few shy sniffs, I decided to take her off leash… To my surprise Anna stuck with me, followed her nose, sometimes had a bit of a run with my friend’s French Bulldog and then she came back to me.
What happened? How smart are dogs to know who they can annoy and invite to play (Kuno the chocolate Lab) and who they need to have respect for. I’m very glad and very proud of her.

The toy-picture will be explained with a video in the next post. It will make you laugh!
For now, it’s resting time…

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  1. What’s Anna doing to Kuno in that middle photo?


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