Snow Wolf

There was more snow in Germany and I decided to take along my Canon 40D for some quick action shots with Anna in the forest.
Once again I realized, my little girl is actually very much showing wolf body language and behavior while she’s out and about. She will leave the tracks to follow smells of other animals and sometimes I can see her holding her head low, like a wolf. Then the movement of her shoulder blades and the muscles around them are more visible.
In fact this time she dug up blood under the fresh layer of snow. Maybe a fox killed a rabbit or a bird right here? Only Anna will know with her incredible sense of smell. I often wish, I could smell as well as a dog, it would be fantastic!

Anna Golden Retriever Snow Forest Wolf Collage

Anna enjoys the fluffy fresh snow very much and gets endless energy bursts out there. Running, jumping, rolling, play-barks, digging, anything that is fun and keeps the body temperature up.

Anna Forest Shooting Action Collage

And a few calm moments of attention:

Anna Snow Forest Shooting Collage

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  1. so cute:)


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