Anna’s first Train Ride

A couple of weeks ago I had to go to the city to run some errands and decided on going by train and taking Anna along, so she can finally experience a different way of traveling. I knew she’d be scared when the train arrives, so I kneeled down and held her tight by her chest. I had to lift her over the small gap into the train but once inside, she soon got very curious and sniffed out the floor, seats and small bins attached to the walls.
Anna watched the world go by at the window and I think the speed made her a little nervous. Then her nose would distract her and she was quickly absorbed in the world of smells again. 

anna golden retriever train zug  IMG_1737


Once we arrived at the train station in Magdeburg a lot of people rushed past. Anna was quite nervous, so I made her sit down and watch everything for a while. She would stretch her nose out after people’s hands and bags and sometimes try and follow them.

When I exchanged some money at the counter, she’d play-growl at some people and occasionally throw herself on the floor, belly up and play with her leash. It made me laugh, she’s such a goof!
This was definitely an important experience for my little puppy and I know we have to keep going to places with a lot of people as she isn’t too comfortable with crowds yet.

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