Rascal Play Group at HERA dog school

After five weeks, today Anna could finally join the puppy class again. Wait, “puppy” class? No! They are all rascals now! Two girls and four boys. Anna had to fight her way up and seemed pretty exhausted at the end of the play session.
We also walked our dogs on heal command and made them lie down and stay. I walked a circle around Anna while she was lying down, that’s pretty good. Just the “heal” doesn’t work too well yet when we walk on great-smelling grass! Anna’s nose leads the way quickly and she starts to pull in a zick zack after the scent-trails. She learnt a lot today though.

Click to enlarge:
HERA Hundeschule
HERA HUNDESCHULE HERA Hundeschule Golden Retriever Puppy tooth

But there was also a lot of blood today at the dog school. No, not because any of the dogs are vicious. My little girl is teething like crazy. I found three teeth within a week now, but she probably lost more than that. The new ones coming through are a lot stronger and bigger. She’s a big wolf now.

Puppy Teeth

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  1. That Australian (sic) shepherd is quite stunning. They are usually docked over here.

    They are about as Australian as moose are, though. They were developed in the American West, and there is a big debate about what they are called Australian shepherds in the first place.


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