I love you

I haven’t been active on the blog for almost two months but that doesn’t mean life here has been boring. No, to the contrary, Anna and I have spent every day together. Playing, cuddling, walking, skiing, discovering, and lately even swimming!
With every day the bond grows stronger and this post is a declaration of my love for Anna. She is now 6.5 months old and has become a tall and more confident young lady.

6 weeks                     9 weeks                                12 weeks                       28 weeks

Golden Retriever 6 weeks  IMG_8204 - Version 2 Golden Retriever Puppy Anna  Anna Retrieverlife

(click for larger images)

End of January we went on a holiday to Austria and thoroughly enjoyed the weather there.
Digging in the deep snow became Anna’s full time job and she learnt to be alone in a foreign hotel room for an hour or two per day, which she accepted well from the start. She didn’t cry when we left but the first time I came back to the hotel room and opened the door, she didn’t recognize me and did a backflip, running away from me in panic, her claws screeching on the parquet floor and with her tail tucked under her belly. I couldn’t help but laugh at her hilarious maneuvers. She soon realized it was only me and came to greet me nervously!


Austria golden retriever mountains Golden Retriever lying on back
Austria golden retriever mountains

Now Spring is slowly approaching Germany and we had a couple of warm days that melted the snow.
Recently Anna learned a new skill. I knew she regularly worked on my laptop during the last couple of weeks but then she really surprised me! She learnt English!

(click to enlarge)

Anna Play  IMG_1345
IMG_2876  IMG_2807

IMG_2871    IMG_2862

Sunny greetings from Anna, the Golden Teenager.

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