Beach Time!

Germany is currently experiencing the coldest March in the last 30 years. About two weeks ago I took this photo of Anna in our local forest. The sun shining low through the trees and fresh snow covering the forest ground.

Golden Retriever German Forest in Winter

We thought it’s time to go south! France and the Mediterranean Sea are well known for always having beautiful sunny weather. On the day of arrival that was the case but then rain followed!
No reason not to take the dog out! Anna loves water, so rain will not bother her. It turned out to be one of the nicest walks. I took an umbrella and wore my gumboots and we played in the sea and rain puddles. Little streams ran down the mountains and Anna discovered her love for moving water.

Click to enlarge:
IMG_3193 IMG_3196 IMG_3212

Finally we had sunny weather again and I could take some photos of Anna with her two new collars (the green spring collar and the red flower collar).
Puppy collar, winter, spring and summer collar. Model dog.
Hand made collars from:
Tags from: Hundehalsbänder, Halsbänder, collars, 10000 dogs, Anna Golden Retriever Franziska Könnecke Halsband France

The Retriever butt

A sequence of Anna being surprised by a wave (click to enlarge):

IMG_1379 IMG_1385 IMG_1389IMG_1391 golden retriever anna surprised by a wave france mediterranean sea IMG_1394

New Flower Collar with ladybug tag (click to enlarge):
golden retriever halsband 10000dogs dog collars IMG_1448
ladybug tag Marienkäfer tag dog tag Hundeanhänger mit Gravur IMG_1486 IMG_1490IMG_1492 IMG_1509

New Spring Collar (green with dragonflies and daisies) with clover leaf tag: Halsband Hunde Frühling Libelle Gänseblümchen Margariten Libellen anna golden retriever IMG_1502 Happy Golden Retriever happy dog at the beach tongue out

Happy dog playing:
golden retriever anna playing at the beach IMG_1516 IMG_1532 IMG_1564

Being silly:
easter rabbit Osterhase Golden retriever anna silly golden retriever dog digging cote d'azur france provence golden retriever dog anna IMG_1575

IMG_1580 IMG_1637

IMG_1656 IMG_1587 IMG_1594 IMG_1645 IMG_1631 IMG_1599

Trying to get dry!!! 
golden retriever dog anna shaking beach
golden retriever dog anna shaking beach  golden retriever dog anna shaking beach  IMG_1620 golden retriever dog shaking rubbing drying in sand beach IMG_1641 IMG_1643 IMG_1644

Just to get wet again (can’t breathe under water!)
IMG_1696 IMG_1691IMG_1658 golden retriever putting on perfume beach rubbing in sand and algae fishy smell

Dry fur, dry! And putting on a lovely fishy perfume. Mmmm love that smell!
IMG_1684 IMG_1685

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