Happy 1st birthday to the pup of my heart!

My puppy is one year today!

A couple of days ago I bought her lots of presents, already imagining what she’ll do with them, once I give them to her. The toy section in the pet store had a wide variety and I know how much Anna loves flabby things with strings and squeaky toys or bouncy balls.


After a careful inspection of the flabby squeaky stuff, Anna shook the chicken hard and proudly carried it around. Nibbled at the feet, the head, rolled over on her back and chew carefully on it.



Unfortunately, soon after, she had a disgusted look on her face and coughed hard. I took the chicken inside and gave it a wash under the sink because I thought maybe the rubbery material (which I thought to be a relatively safe rubber) may have a funny taste. When holding it under the sink, the water turned red. My alarm bells went on and I put it in the washing machine before giving it back to her. She is fine with it now but I still think it will soon find its way to the trash! 

We went for a bicycle ride through the forest, along the wheat fields and to a lake where we met another retriever, a Labrador, named Bruno.  


And back at home the toys were waiting again! The lighthouse has a string to it which Anna loves! She keeps playing with the string mostly and shaking around the heavy lighthouse – which is actually a water buoy.



And here’s a video of her with today’s footage in slow motion!

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  1. Happy birthday, Anna!


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