Being her own Dog

Golden Retriever at the lake FennCIMG3721
I’m writing this while watching Anna trying to catch mosquitos at the lake. The rain and the insects are forming ripples on the water’s surface, causing her tail to wag in excitement.
You know, when I take a right turn at the gate, Anna will start to speed up. She is obviously impatient, running a few meters ahead and then back to me. She knows that soon after, there is another right turn following and then she can hardly be stopped. It’s the way to the lake. It’s her favorite place on the whole planet. Why? No, not because she is a retriever and likes to retrieve sticks or toys from water. In fact only yesterday I lost an expensive buoy because she didn’t think it was necessary to retrieve it. No, the mosquitos won! They move! Everything that moves is awesome and usually has an interesting taste. But those Mosquitos are a mystery to Anna. She can’t seem to catch them!
Occasionally she will turn in surprise because her tail splashes water around her from excitement. Wondering what that was, she looks at me: Mosquitos?
I have been wondering if I should make her retrieve. She could do it very well a few months ago. She is a retriever, isn’t that what she is supposed to do??
But watching her having such fun chasing insects, I see no point in takingthe fun away!
Watching her further I notice how alert she is. Her reactions are so quick, I can hardly follow them with my eyes.
Those ripples could be anything. Sometimes a fish throws a fin out, splashing some water, and Anna will leap out, putting her paddling feet in 5th gear trying to catch it.
She was bred to retrieve. But being her own dog – she only likes moving things with an interesting smell and taste!
May she do whatever makes her happy! I just love watching her be herself.
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